Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll never get out of this world alive.

I've often been told that I live a reckless life. I take to many chances, I drink to much, why don't I just try harder to fit into a "normal" lifestyle? Well if you ask me, living your life in a way that doesn't suit you is the most reckless thing you can do. Lets face it folks, Im not a suit and tie wearing 9-5 kinda guy. Im a hillbilly hellraiser with nothing but causing trouble and having as much fun as I possibly can on my mind.

Life is short people, and I see no point in waiting around as long as I can to die. Wich seems to be what most people do. Now, im not saying im looking forward to that black train coming for me, Im just saying you gotta live. My lifestyle may take years off my life, I know it. But damnit Im gonna have better stories than you when it's all over.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Reinstate Hank

In 1952 Hank Williams was fired by the Grand Ol Opry and told to sober up. Just a few short months later, the biggest star in history of country music was dead at the age of 29. Despite his status as the biggest icon in country music the Grand'Ol Opry has yet to pay him the respect he deserves by reinstateing him.

This is a travesty folks. The Opry has no problem exploiting the legend of Hank by having impersonaters great people at the door as they enter the famed country music hall. We can help make this right, sign the reinstate Hank petetion. They can't ignore us forever. Go over to and lend your support to the man who started it all.


Monday, June 29, 2009

10 country bands you'll never hear on the radio, but that you should be listening too.

In a time when that no talent barbie doll look alike Taylor Swift is winning country artist of the year by doing duets with T-Pain and Def Leppard, one has to step back and ask "what the fuck is going on?" It's a shame that these Nashville Pop stars have somehow taken over the term country, a term that means alot to not just myself, but alot of other people out there aswell. Somebody has to show people out there that country, REAL country still exsists. It lives in the mountains, and hills. In the bars and truckstops. It used to live in Nashville, but has since been virtually run out of town by people who wouldnt know country if it bit them in the ass.

So I figured I'd give some people out there who may not otherwise find this music a chance to give it a listen. Here are 10 real country bands/acts that I think you should all at the very least check out.

10. Hellbound Glory.

9. Rachel Brooke.

8. Honky Tonk Hustlas.

7. Justin Townes Earle

6. Scott H. Biram

5. Lucky Tubb

4. The .357 String Band

3. The Pine Box Boys

2. Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies

1. Hank Williams III